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December 2009
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Woke up quick, at about noon
Just thought that I had to be coding soon
gotta debug, before the day is wrecked
before QA starts bitchin' about defects
About to log on and damn near went lame
script kiddies on the net blowin' up stack frames
Pulled out the archives of security tips
with my macbook on the side of my hip
flooded their net, DDOS'd their sessions
just as I thought the fools kept steppin
jumped on my VPN so I don't need a ride
Secure shell sessions and tunnels, side by side
Then I let the iPod play
I was bumpin new shit by Lars and K. Flay
it was "Single and Famous" at the top of the list
Then I played my old shit it went something like this:
Reading the net while I write code
lockin' down ports, securing the node
Loaded Slashdot to get the scoop
AC's out there flamebaitin' the noobs
email pops up who can it be
a fresh patch submission from Kilo-G
reading the diff, the comments they say
"It's all about shifting the bits this way"

Cause the boyz 'n the code are always hard
talking that trash? we'll shuffle your punch cards
knowing nothing in life, never flipped a bit
don't quote me boy I ain't said shit ...

My children decided, collectively and without each other's knowledge, to be "Internet Cliche" for Halloween this year. (Correction: I have been reliably informed that my wife was heavily involved in the outcome of costume selection)

My oldest son decided he wanted to be a Ninja.
My youngest son decided he wanted to be a Pirate.

Together, they combine to form ....

So check this out -

We have some people coming over to do some work on the house, so we put some food & water in the laundry room and put Chaos in there so that she won't get in the workers way while they're here. (there's plenty of room in there for her to move about and the like, confined on a temporary basis - she's usually got the run of the whole house).

She is launching herself at the door handle and OPENING THE DOOR. She is doing this repeatedly, it is not an accident.


My son is talking about computing things in base 5. I need to hold an intervention - he has a math problem.

Current Mood: amusedamused


The house I lived in from the time I was six until around twelve is in this movie for a quick split second at the start.

My wife rented E.T. for the boys a while ago, and they didn't want to watch it. I saw it today on one of the free on-demand channels we have, put it on, and tried to get them to watch it. I knew they'd avoid "E.T." ... so I told them they should come watch "Dude, Where's My Alien?".

They didn't buy it. But they giggled a lot. ;)

There are people on top of my house tearing the roof off.

I have White Wedding stuck in my head, but Billy Idol is wailing about how it's a nice day for new roofing.

(We needed a roof, bad - and the hailstorm that hit a while ago cracked one of the glass pieces on the overhang, one of the ones that covers the inside - so we did an insurance claim for whatever damage the hailstorm did and we're using ti to put a new roof on)

I keep seeing people write effect when they mean affect. Effect and affect as verbs have different meanings, and ... I wouldn't call it annoying, it just jars my reading flow a little.

But I don't want to be that guy who runs around correcting what people write on the Innernets. That guy can be an asshole. ;)

I'm not sure he's thought this through:


Jamshidi criticized the United States on Tuesday for saying Saberi was innocent and
calling for her release.

"That a government expresses an opinion without seeing the indictment is laughable," he told a
press conference.

When the government in question is the government that would have received any classified information, according to what Iran is saying the charges are, why would that government need to see the indictment to make a judgment? I mean, the State Department might be lying, or not know for sure (through not asking or whatever - but it's certainly not laughable to think our government wouldn't know, somewhere, whether this journalist is actually a spy. I would certainly think that, say, the appropriate agency of the U.S.S.R. knew, somewhere, that the Rosenbergs were giving them data ...

So I think his statement can be pretty safely chalked up as 'political bullshit'.

Scenario: For exactly 1 minute, you get access to all the databases of all the intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-5, etc). What do you want to find out before time is up and you're caught and jailed forever?

If I were actually in that situation, I'd probably be looking for something that my having knowledge of would allow me to somehow prevent them from jailing me forever. (Such info probably doesn't actually exist, but it's what I'd be looking for, for sure).

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